We do Local Business Listings

Local business listings are simply profiles of your key business information on other websites or apps.  Pre-internet (hard to imagine) companies used publications, such as the Yellow Pages, to spread the word about local businesses and how to contact them.  When information changed for a business, everyone had to wait until the delivery of the next publication to get the new information.  There were only a few major publications that could be found in a common drawer of every kitchen.  Today, all business information can be found online in a wide variety of locations such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.  Each online site has a unique procedure and process to display, update, and search for business information.  There are three key things to consider for a business when managing your local business listings.

  1. Is my business listed on the major listing sites that my market is using?
  2. Is my business information listed correctly and consistently?
  3. Is my brand identity being displayed consistently within my standards?

The Value of Local Business Listings

  • Great for local search engine search optimization
  • Easy way to spread the word about your business and services
  • Most local business listing sites have a free listing option
  • Put your business information where people are looking
  • Provide a credible way to capture reviews and connect them to your business

What We Do/How We Help

  • Review where your business is being listed and resolve any inconsistencies
  • Find and publish new listing opportunities
  • Expand your business listing profiles where there is value
  • Ensure your brand is consistent across listings
  • Bring poor reviews to your attention and assist with a response/mediation strategy

Need help updating your local business pages?  Contact us today.