We do Hosting + Maintenance

Our Single Source Approach
We understand that website hosting and maintenance can be daunting for our clients, especially when multiple vendors are involved. For this reason, we offer our clients a single source for website development, maintenance and hosting. This approach gives our clients the peace of mind of knowing they have a single point of contact when a need or question arises.

Hosting Partner Based in the United States
TurnKey Digital has partnered with a leading hosting company based in the United States to provide clients a secure and stable datacenter for their website(s). Located in the Central US, East Coast and in the United Kingdom, our data center provides: 24/7 manned facilities, biometric access control, redundant backbones, multiple 10 GigE connections, redundant power grid feeds and redundant diesel generators to ensure our servers have the best uptime possible.

WordPress Website Maintenance
Maintenance is a critical factor in keeping your server, website, and web-based applications running smoothly. Websites that neglect maintenance are more vulnerable to attacks. TurnKey Digital provides ongoing support for all your website maintenance needs including: WordPress updates and upgrades, WordPress plug-in updates and security patches, site uptime and update monitoring, site backups/restores, website attack mitigation and repair.