We do Social Media Marketing

It’s time to get your business social! If done correctly, social media can be a very effective way to quickly spread the word about your business. It will take more than setting up a social page and making a few posts, but the rewards can be tremendous.

The First Steps to Getting Your Business Social

Most businesses that decide to get social just jump in and start posting without any planning.  There are a number of things you should consider before you start engaging with social media.  We will help you determine where you should be engaging socially, how often and what you should expect in return for your efforts (ROI).  Jumping into social media without some planning and experience can end up being a waste of your time and resources and even have a negative impact on your brand.

Common client questions we assist with:

  • What social media accounts/channels should I setup
  • How should my brand be displayed within each account
  • How often should I engage on social media and who should do it
  • What content should I post and who should create it

We will help you define a social media engagement strategy, execution path and the tools to measure your results.